This slitting machine features computer control, ultrasonic photoelectric tracking, servo motor tension control, and other advanced technologies, and has the advantages of smooth cuts, neat rewinding end faces, and automatic control, making it suitable for precise slitting of various materials.

High-Speed Roll Type Horizontal Slitting MachineHigh-Speed Roll Type Horizontal Slitting Machine

This slitting machine features computer control, ultrasonic photoelectric tracking, servo motor tension control, and other advanced technologies, and has the advantages of smooth cuts, neat rewinding end faces, and automatic control, making it suitable for precise slitting of various materials.

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    omputer-controlled system: The machine is controlled by a computer, which ensures precise and efficient operation.

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    Ultrasonic photoelectric tracking correction system: This system ensures that the material is fed through the machine accurately and prevents any misalignment.

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    Automatic tension control for rewinding: The tension of the material during rewinding is automatically controlled by a PLC touchscreen and a servo motor from Danfoss. This ensures that the material is wound tightly and evenly, preventing wrinkles and other defects.

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    Automatic tension control for unwinding: The tension of the material during unwinding is also automatically controlled by a servo motor. This ensures that the material is unwound smoothly and evenly, preventing tears and other damage.

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    Air-inflated chuck for rewinding: The rewinding shaft is equipped with an air-inflated chuck, which allows for quick and easy loading and unloading of the material.

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    Variable speed control: The speed of the machine can be adjusted to match the specific requirements of the material being processed.

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    Automatic meter counter: The machine has an automatic meter counter that tracks the length of the material being processed. This information can be used to calculate the amount of material that has been processed and to set the machine to stop automatically when a certain length has been reached.

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    Smooth cut and neat rewinding end face: The machine produces smooth cuts and neat rewinding end faces, which makes it easy to further process the material.


Machine Specifications
Maximum unwinding diameter φ1000mm
Maximum rewinding diameter φ600mm
Unwinding shaft diameter 3in shaftless hydraulic lifting (with feed platform)
Rewinding shaft diameter 3in differential shaft
Roller width 1350mm
Dimensions (LWH) 1500mm x 1200mm x 2000mm
Performance Specifications
Machine speed ≤300m/min
Maximum working width 1300mm
Minimum slitting width 40mm
Slitting accuracy ±0.05MM (width)
Power Specifications
Main motor power 4KW * 1 servo motor
Rewinding motor power 4KW * 2 servo motors
Total power 17KW

main structures

Unwinding Unit

  • Manual lateral and longitudinal adjustment to eliminate uneven tension and wrinkles caused by variations in thickness or non-round cores at both ends of the material.
  • High-linearity magnetic powder brake unwinding tension actuator for even output torque and minimized tension fluctuations.

1. Unwinding Specifications:

  • Maximum width: 1300mm
  • Maximum diameter: φ1000mm
  • Shaftless hydraulic upper winding with material receiving platform

2. Paper Tube Clamping Method:

  • Shaftless mechanical expansion sleeve clamping (optional automatic clamping, no damage to the paper tube core), no need for air expansion shafts, clamps the material quickly and easily.
  • Specifications: 3in 1 set

3. Tension Control:

  • Servo motor tension control
  • Output control: One 4KW servo motor, automatic tension control by PLC touchscreen

4. Edge Guiding:

  • Photoelectric eye (analog photoelectric eye, no machine frame shaking during tracking) tracks the substrate, can follow the edge or line, the edge guiding controller gives a signal, the servo motor executes.
  • Specifications:
    • Drive: Servo motor (Japan)
    • Photoelectric eye: 1 (CCD Germany SICK)
    • Linear guide rail: 4 pcs
    • Edge guiding mechanism: 1 set
    • Photoelectric eye fine adjustment: 1 set

Slitting Unit

  • High-precision round disc cutter made of hard alloy for neat and long-lasting cutting of thicker materials.
  • The upper and lower cutter shafts are widened and speed-matched by gears.
  • Rotate the hand wheel to lower the cutter, continue rotating for automatic knife rest.

1. Cutter Shafts:

  • Upper and lower cutter shafts, 1 each

2. Clamping Device:

  • Quick knife rest device to lock the upper cutter shaft and prevent the upper and lower cutters from disengaging or moving, causing slitting quality problems.
  • Specifications:
    • Rocker arm: 1 set
    • Clamping shaft: 1 pc
    • Matching gears: 1 pair
    • Worm gear pair: 1 pair
    • Cutter shaft: 1 set
    • Tool configuration: 20 round knives

3. Waste Removal:

  • High-pressure blower guides waste edges through blow pipes
  • Specifications: Blower 1 pc, blow pipe 1 pc

4. Main Wallboard:

  • Steel plate wallboard for vibration damping and smooth high-speed operation of the machine.
  • Wallboard thickness: 30MM

5. Guide Rollers:

  • Chrome-plated and polished surface.
  • Specifications: φ100×1350mm multiple

6. Hand Sheeter

Rewinding Unit

  • Dual-shaft rewinding with left and right shafts, pressure arm balances the inner and outer winding pressure.
  • Two asynchronous servo motors drive independently, single-shaft tension is adjustable.

Rewinding Specifications:

  • Maximum width: 1300mm
  • Maximum diameter: φ600mm

Paper Tube Clamping Method:

  • Air expansion shaft clamping (can be customized according to customer’s material specifications)

Rewind Shaft Clamping:

  • Pneumatic clamping to reduce labor intensity and improve efficiency.
  • One-key button inflation and deflation.


  • Air expansion shafts 2 pcs
  • Rewind shaft pressure: Differential pressure pneumatic clamping Pressure can be adjusted by pneumatic pressure regulating valve
  • Pressure arms 2 sets
  • Cylinders 2 pcs

Tension Control:

  • Servo motor control, automatic tension control by PLC touchscreen

Rewinding Execution:

  • 2 servo motors (4KW each)

Transmission System

  • Variable frequency drive controls the main motor, making it easy to adjust speed up and down, and the speed adjustment is smooth and stable.

Drive Mode:

  • Universal variable frequency adjustment, servo motor drive
  • Specifications: 4KW servo motor Danfoss

Main Electrical Components

Centralized electrical cabinet control, beautiful and generous, easy to operate.


  • Operation cabinet 1 pc
  • Length counter 1 pc, real-time line speed display, automatic meter stop function (with deceleration stop function, meter is basically error-free)
  • Photoelectric edge guiding control instrument 1 pc
  • Buttons, contactors, air switches, etc.

User Provided:

  • 1.50HZ,380V three-phase five-wire power supply (if the voltage in the importing country is different, please inform in advance)
  • Foundation treatment
  • Equipment and raw/auxiliary

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